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Current active research support


ARO MURI via NC State University, “Multi-modal Energy Flow at Atomically Engineering Interfaces”, 6/1/2016-5/31/2021, $942,708.

ARO DURIP, “High Speed Camera to See Inside Plastic-bonded Explosives During Shock Initiation and Detonation,” $231,374 (equipment acquisition only).

ARO, “Detonation on a tabletop”, 6/15/2019-5/14/2023, $720,000.

AFOSR, “Watching the microstructure during shock initiation of energetic materials”, 5/1/2019-4/31/2022, $750,000.

DOE-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, “Hot spot and reaction temperature using dynamic shock microscopy”, 10/1/2018-9/30/2019, $125,000.

DOE NNSA Capital-DOE Alliance Center:  “A center for excellence for high pressure science and technology,” 10/1/18/9/30/23, $370,609.


Pending proposals

AFOSR MURI, “Integrating Multiscale Modeling and Experiments to Develop a Meso-Informed Predictive Capability for Explosives Safety and Performance.