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Research Topics

Phenomena of the energetic material initiation usually associate with the energy concentration, or so-called “hot spot” generation. When generated, hot spots either disappear or sustain explosive growth leading to widespread ignition in energetic… read more

The Dlott group is interested in studying materials that respond to shock waves by undergoing chemical transformations and understanding the underlying mechanisms that govern these reactions. Shock waves are nearly discontinuous changes in… read more

Shock compression of materials leads to wide number of physical and chemical changes. In our group we use novel techniques for spectroscopically studying changes in materials under nanosecond shock impact. We use nanosecond time-resolved laser… read more

This project seeks to understand how the arrival of a steep shock front (< a few picoseconds) transfers energy to molecular materials and causes them to undergo structural and chemical rearrangements. In past years the technology needed to… read more

Water’s weird and anomalous properties near ambient conditions have been explored in the past; however, its behavior under extreme pressure and temperature still remains a mystery. A rough outline of the equation of state for water is known, but… read more