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The Dlott Group is an interdisciplinary research group investigating condensed matter dynamics under extreme conditions by combining expertise in the areas of chemical physics, physical chemistry, laser spectroscopy, solid-state chemistry, mechanical engineering and materials science. Solids and liquids are probed using powerful techniques in ultrafast optical and infrared spectroscopy.  Most experiments create extreme conditions of high temperature, pressure and strain using laser-launched flyer plates to generate shock waves in the material.  Learn more.

Dana D. Dlott

William H. and Janet G. Lycan
Professor of Chemistry
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Shock compression spectroscopy of molecular and nano- materials

Shock compression of molecules with nanometer resolution

Exploring Liquids during Dynamic Shock Conditions


  • Postdoctoral position open for recent PhDs or those anticipating PhD degrees in the near future, in experimental chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering. See JOBS section for more information.

  • Group meetings are at 4 pm Thursday currently by Zoom only.  Visitors welcome.  Email dlott@illinois.edu before meeting to receive Zoom link.