Our Research

Research in the Dlott Group uses a newly-developed “shock compression microscope” that produces controlled shock waves in materials and probes their effects with high time and space resolution optical diagnostics that measure the pressure, temperature, composition and microstructure.  More details can be found in the linked research pages.

The shock compression microscope is revolutionizing our ability to probe the dynamics solids and liquids under extreme conditions.

Chemical systems currently being studied with time-resolved vibrational spectroscopy include liquid and solid explosives, nanoparticles, metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), energetic interfaces, especially between fuels and oxidizers, water and aqueous solutions.

Current active research support:

ARO MURI via NC State University, “Multi-modal Energy Flow at Atomically Engineering Interfaces”, 6/1/2016-5/31/2021, $942,708.

ARO, “Detonation on a tabletop”, 6/15/2019-5/14/2023, $720,000.

AFOSR, “Watching the microstructure during shock initiation of energetic materials”, 5/1/2019-4/31/2022, $750,000.

AFOSR MURI, “Integrating Multiscale Modeling and Experiments to Develop a Meso-Informed Predictive Capability for Explosives Safety and Performance. Subcontract from University of Missouri. 7/1/19-6/30/24, $1,326,250

AFOSR DURIP, “Fast multiframe camera to measure hot spots in shocked energetic microstructures”, $405,093.

Pending proposals:

“Tabletop hypervelocity impact experiments and modeling of multiphase flow and target damage,” (with D. Levin and P. Geubelle), Naval Research Laboratory Crane. $500K.

“Energetics Basic Research Center”, (Jimmie Oxley URI as PI). US Army Research Office. This would be a 5 year grant for $300K/yr to Dlott.

“Detonation and fragmentation on a tabletop“, US Army Research Office, $180K for 1 year.

“Machine Learning Driven Discovery of Performance Maximized Reactive High Explosives using High-Throughput Synthesis, High-Throughput Characterization, and Physics-based Simulations, US Army Research Laboratory, 1 year, $500K. Steven Baek, UVa PI.